~ Introduction ~

Psychoanalysis Through Astrology

Welcome to all who find themselves here!

I created this blog as a place to share my observations on my lifelong love of mythology and psychology, as well as my fascination with astrology and various psychospiritualities that may or may not be of use to others.

Beyond the daily horoscopes, there are very few people who would venture into astrology because of its apparent depthlessness and are therefore deprived of the extensive symbolic knowledge that truly imbues this ancient perspective on psychology. I would know as I was (and still am) one such skeptic. In my five years of study, however, I have yet to contend with any seriously egregious inaccuracies and coming from someone who thought astrology was absolute nonsense a decade ago, that’s saying something. What it ultimately comes down to is knowing the mythological allegories behind it and how their significance correlates to the psyche. The planets represent the functions of an individual’s mind, the signs represent how those functions are expressed, the houses represent where in the individual’s life they are expressed, and the aspects represent how they all interact. Together with one’s time and location of birth, you have what is known as a natal chart, your very own psychological profile. It’s with these charts that I hope to help people introspect and eventually manage themselves with awareness.

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